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The ePortfolio Practice at LaGuardia Community College

What is an ePortfolio? An ePortfolio is a personal website that allows students to document, deepen, and reflect on their learning experiences during their time at LaGuardia. Using the ePortfolio allows students to connect their past and their future, their challenges and their growth, their learning and their lives. Overall, ePortfolio is a process to help students tell their stories.

What is the Next Generation ePortfolio at LaGuardia? Many colleges across the country use ePortfolios to help students document and deepen their learning. At LaGuardia, ePortfolios help students track their learning both inside and outside of the classroom and develop sophisticated digital skills as they prepare for their next steps and career. Using a robust interface, students create a visually-powerful Core ePortfolio that helps them reflect on their learning experiences over time at LaGuardia. Students create their ePortfolios in the First Year Seminar course where they build it under the guidance of a peer mentor, and they add to it across courses in their majors through Capstone. The Next Generation ePortfolio practice at LaGuardia leverages the power of the ePortfolio connecting different parts of the student learning experience on one dynamic platform.

Here are three aspects that define our ePortfolio practice for students: