Understanding the value of the ePortfolio
and introducing it to students

When introducing ePortfolio to students, faculty can mention the following:

An ePortfolio is your personal website that allows you to document, deepen, and reflect on your learning experiences during your time at LaGuardia. Using the ePortfolio allows you to connect your past and your future your challenges and your growth, your learning and your life. Overall, ePortfolio is a process to help you tell your story.

Additionally, you can download and share this handout, either digitally or in hard copy, when introducing ePortfolio to students.

To help you understand the use of the ePortfolio from the First Year Seminar to Capstone, please watch the video below:

For more information about using the ePortfolio, sign up for an ePortfolio workshop, request a one-on-one session with an ePortfolio consultant, or request a workshop for your students.