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Upgrade your ePortfolio now! These tutorials will help you polish your ePortfolio, add media, and learn about the basics - and beyond - of developing your ePortfolio,


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ePortfolio Design and Development for Students:      
Resource Materials
Introductory ePortfolio Prompts
Advanced ePortfolio Prompts
About ePortfolio Templates
The Organize Tool  
Creating/Editing/Using Your Credly Account
Creating Your ePortfolio
Logging in and Initial Setup
Creating an eportoflio From Scratch
Creating an ePortfolio From a Template
How to Password Protect Your e-Portfolio  
Adding/Editing Content in Your ePortoflio      
Adding/Editing Sections
Adding/Editing Subpages
Adding Modules
Basic Modules:
  • The Rich Text Module
  • Functions of the Rich Text Module
  • The Gallery Module
  • The Contact Form Module
  • The Equation Module
Google Modules:
  • Google Doc
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Presentation
  • Google Form
  • Google Calendar
Social Modules:
  • The Twitter Module
  • The Bookmarks Module
  • The Credly Module
The College Conneciton/Educational Planning/Road to Sucess Modules  
The Conversation Tool
The Tagging Feature  
Customizing Your ePortfolio
Customizing the Theme and Editing The CSS of Your ePortfolio  
Explanation of the CSS in Digication  
Digital Communication Tutorials  
How to Capture a Facebook Conversation  
How to Capture a Discussion Thread  
How to Upload a Video into Your Twitter Account  
How to create a Video using Windows Movie Maker  
How to Record Audio Files Using Audactiy  
How to Extract/Convert/Compress Video Files from a Mobile Phone
How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation  
How to Create a Prezi Presentation
Assessment for Students      
Depositing Assessment Artifact in Digication: Instructions for Students (Update: Large Video Upload Feature Added)
How to submit an ePortfolio or Page(s) of an ePortfolio on the Assessment Area - Student View
ePortfolio Design and Development for Faculty:      
Resources Materials      
Checking class roster in Digication  
Sharing ePortfolios to a Course/Adding ePortfolio as a Tool  
Faculty Sharing ePortfolio with Courses  
Using The CMS Features in Digication
Creating Communities in Digication
Editing Assignments in Digication
Using The Tagging Feature in Digication
Video Taping Protocols  
Assessment for Faculty      
Depositing Assessment Artifact in Digication: Instructions for Faculty
Downloading and Printing the Assessment Deposit Report for Faculty
Getting Your Students' Presentations Videotaped and Uploaded to Assessment  
Changing/Adding the name of the Assignment in the Assessment Area  
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