Forms for Faculty

students working on their ePortfolios

The ePortfolio Guide for Faculty & Staff

The ePortfolio program has put together a guide for faculty and staff that summarizes important aspects of our structure support to the College community. As we move forward with the Next Generation ePortfolio and the Core ePortfolio templates across many disciplines, these resources are designed to help users become more familiar with the interface and access the right support. You can read the ePortfolio Guide online.

Forms for Faculty and Staff

  • 1. ePortfolio Workshop Request Form
    This form allows faculty, staff, and ACE program to request workshops for their students to learn how to build an ePortfolio and deposit assignments into the assessment area.
    * for more information, please contact Oscar Cortes at or 718-482-5407.

  • 2. ePortfolio Consultation Form
    The ePortfolio team provides ongoing and one-on-one support to all faculty, particularly those who are new to the ePortfolio pedagogy and those already engaged in professional development seminars. To get this support, please fill out this form and we will set up a 1-hour meeting to address your needs. If you require additional or continuous support, we will set up additional meeting times.
    * for more information, please contact Oscar Cortes at or 718-482-5407.


  • 3. Faculty and Staff ePortfolio Training Workshop Request Form
    This form is for faculty who are interested in learning more about the interface and in adapting it to their own teaching practice. You can request a one-on-one workshop for yourself or for a group of faculty and staff too. To help us meet your needs, please complete and submit this form at least one week in advance.


  • 4. Faculty Evaluation of eP Consultant
    This is an anonymous survey to evaluate the abilities of an ePortfolio consultant in the classroom environment, which will give faculty the opportunity to give feedback and improve the overall educational process of ePortfolio and how it is taught. Feel free to give additional comments.


  • 5. STM Request Form
    This form allows faculty to request a Student Technology Mentor(STM) that can provide help with various technologies in the classroom or on a one-to-one basis.
    * for more information, please contact Ali at or 718-482-5402.


  • 6. CTL Seminar Tech Support Request Form
    For CTL staff only. If you need technical support for your seminars, kindly complete and submit to the ePortfolio team at least ONE WEEK before the scheduled event.


Release & Assessment Forms

  • 7. ePortfolio Release Form (PDF) (Word Version)
    Students will sign the release form to allow the faculty member and the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning to share their ePortfolios in professional venues to demonstrate the work of LaGuardia students and advance a broader understanding of the role of ePortfolios in teaching and learning.