Be noticeable in a unique way, embracing your individuality...

        Hi, my name is Yami Glez. I currently live in the Riverdale area in the Bronx.

      I have a passion for photography, artistic niceties, and exclusivity. I’m building my current career as a photographer. Although I’m a student I recently started my small business which I call Exclusive Artistic Designs.

      My business is to help those who are looking to embrace individuality and have limited budget.  My commitment with my clients is to give them nothing less than the best. 

      I have an AA in Criminal Justice but I wanted to explore other options in art. I want to put into practice the passion I have for photography. While I was thinking to go back to college I saw the La Guardia web site and I got interested to become a part of this college. I don’t regret my decision; I feel very welcomed and accepted by students and staff.
  Now, I welcome you to my e-portfolio to know a little more about me
LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101