Inventing the Next Generation ePortfolio @ LaGuardia

ePortfolio in an Era of Change: 50% of US universities now use ePortfolios. Recently, the Association of American Colleges & Universities added ePortfolio to the validated list of High Impact Practices – practices that have a measureable benefit for student learning and success. Meanwhile, at LaGuardia, a set of campus developments has changed the landscape:

  • First Year Seminar. The FYS engages 7,500 students/year with ePortfolio, helping them develop more intentional education plans and re-imagine themselves as learners.
  • Advisement 2.0. As the College strengthens advisement, next steps include using the ePortfolio-based Graduation Plan in advisement through completion and transfer.
  • Learning Matters Core Competencies. Academic programs are developing assignments that use the ePortfolio itself to demonstrate Integrative Learning and Digital Communication.
  • New Digication Interface. Our ePortfolio system itself is being redesigned to make ePortfolio practice more dynamic, flexible and engaging for students.

Next Generation ePortfolio at LaGuardia: Building on these developments, LaGuardia faculty and staff are working together to design exciting change on two key fronts.

Launching a New ePortfolio Interface. In Fall 2017, we will launch the “New Digication” interface. Here are 5 ways that the new interface will be different:

  1. New Look and Feel. New Digication is more fluid and contemporary. Students can design pages that express their identity, building engagement and ownership.
  2. Better Communication. New commenting features allow faculty to highlight, comment, and start conversations with students on portfolio based work.
  3. Dynamic Multi-Media. Students will find it easier to add and integrate video and images.
  4. More Effective Collaboration. New tools will help student, faculty and staff work together. The new system will be able to integrate better with software used around the college.
  5. Mobile Access. By late Fall, students will be able to update ePortfolio on their phones.

Building a Core ePortfolio. As we prepare the new interface, faculty have begun trying out a new approach that encourages students to have a primary ePortfolio they use to document and reflect on their learning in multiple courses and co-curricular experiences. Students can have multiple ePortfolios, as they do now—the goal is to provide a common touch point. This approach can strengthen advisement, helping students revisit educational and career plans over time. By helping students maintain a Core ePortfolio, this approach can leverage the power of the portfolio to connect and integrate diverse learning experiences over time.