Using Digication as a Course Management System (CMS)

The ePortfolio provider, Digication, has CMS capabilities such as the following:

  • Create announcements that students can visit at any time including attachments (these can also be sent as email notifications during the creation process)
  • Create discussion boards where students can engage in one to everyone or one to one discussions with instructors
  • Take attendance
  • Access students’ ePortfolios
  • Deposit assessment (if a course requires it)

To access a full manual covering the above features and more, please click here.

Here are basic points we recommend to faculty

To ensure that you can view students’ ePortfolios via Digication, share the following resources with students. On-campus support is available in MB-57 or via email at

  • Introduce your students the new dashboard in Digication sharing this short video
  • When creating an ePortfolio, share this guide to help students understand the privacy settings
  • Show your students how to share their ePortfolios with your course using this guide
  • When adding content, share this guide to help students publish content on their ePortfolios
  • The ePortfolio team has a YouTube channel with how-to videos
  • We share a lot of content via our Instagram page; be sure to share this with students too

You can access your students’ ePortfolios via your course in Digication by following these resources:

  • Here’s a link to show faculty how to view students’ ePortfolios via Digication
  • Here’s a link to show faculty how to access students’ ePortfolio via the student dashboard