Humanizing Advising Through ePortfolios by Mercedes del Rosario

The ePortfolio Office and the Advising Department jointly presented at the recent Fall 2016 Opening Session of the College. Student Placement Services Senior Director Judith Gazzola, Student Advising Services Director Vanessa Gonzalez and ePortfolio Director Mercedes del Rosario, led the presentation, “Humanizing Advising through ePortfolio,” where they discussed the use of ePortfolio during advising sessions and the integration of LaGuardia’s advisement model at the different junctures from First Year to Capstone. They also presented various strategies on how ePortfolios can be used to assist students beyond course selection so as to make advisors’ interactions more meaningful and provide students with holistic advisement.

The Q and A afterwards addressed topics such as the emphasis the College places on advising as an intervention in student success and the important role faculty and advising professionals play in helping students succeed. Also, on how the use of ePortfolios enhances the advising experience and elevates it from a transactional course selection session to a transformational humanistic experience.

Here is the abstract of the presentation:

LaGuardia’s team-based advising approach to student success fosters collaboration between Student Affairs (SA) advising professionals (academic, career and transfer advisors) and Faculty. The integration of the ePortfolio into the daily practice of SA professionals has further strengthened this relationship in a way that promotes student completion by focusing on the elements included in the Graduation Plan modules.

Our joint venture has allowed faculty and staff to collaborate by providing students with a holistic advising experience through joint advising events and classroom interactions. In an effort to expand and further solidify our collaborative efforts, the next step was to bridge classroom technology with advising. The use of ePortfolio during advising sessions was explored as required in the First Year Seminar (FYS). This presentation will discuss the integration of LaGuardia’s advisement model at the different junctures. It is our mission to assist students beyond course selection so as to make advisors’ interactions more meaningful and provide students with holistic advisement. Through the use of ePortfolio, we hope to humanize the advising experience from students’ first semester to graduation. Through participation in this workshop, staff and faculty will gain awareness and practical strategies on how SA is integrating ePortfolio to reinforce and complement work in the FYS curriculum.

Fall 2015 ePortfolio Student Showcase

Fall 2015 ePortfolio Student Showcase 2015

The Fall 2015 ePortfolio Student Showcase will be held on Nov 16, Monday, 2:30-3:30 PM, E 500. A total of eight students would be presenting, seven from LAGCC and one from Lehman. The LAGCC students were chosen from approximately 70 nominees and could not be more excited to talk about their ePortfolios, the learning experience and thought process they went through in creating their ePortfolios.

The presenters are:

LaGuardia Community College

Debbie Aguilar, First Year Seminar, Liberal Arts: Social Sciences and Humanities, nominated by Prof. Leigh Garrison-Fletcher

Noah Almonor, Liberal Arts: Social Sciences and Humanities, nominated by Prof. Joan Schwartz

Malu Lopez, Education, nominated by Profs. Paula Zimmerman and Mercedes del Rosario

Shuwen Long, Business Administration, nominated by Prof. Monika Ekirt

Jeffrey Gallego, Business Administration, nominated by the ePortfolio Consultants

Bunthoeuns (Brendan) Choeung, Occupational Therapy Assistant, nominated by the ePortfolio Consultants

Kevin Bermeo, Fine Arts, nominated by the ePortfolio Consultants

Lehman College

Amalia Rojas Enriquez – nominated by Dr, Claudia Case, Theatre History

ePortfolio Student Showcase 2015

ePortfolio Student Showcase 2015 - Celebrating Student Work

Amidst the hustle and bustle of end-of-semester exams and assignment deadlines, the College paused to celebrate the work and accomplishments of students through their ePortfolios at the Spring 2015 Student ePortfolio Showcase. Highlighting the Showcase was the collaborative interdisciplinary project ePortfolio of the Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Food Nutrition programs. A brain-child of Professor Deborah McMillan-Coddington with Professors Kathleen Karsten, Les Gallo-Silver, May Tom, Cynthia Pierce and Regina Lehman, the project used the case study method in looking at a simulated Cardio Vascular Accident scenario. The students then shared their diagnosis from the different perspectives of their disciplines and discussed their findings on the project ePortfolio. Students Nelcy Mylonas, Bethann Freed, Karla Perez presented the ePortfolio.

This year’s Showcase featured an all-female line up from different programs:

Amey Shue, Biology major, recounted how she felt so lost when she was first new at LaGuardia and how she found herself by being involved in different co-curricular activities and the connections she made through these activities. According to her, completing the Graduation Planning modules of the ePortfolio enabled her not just to find herself, but also to realize what she wanted to do after LAGCC. After LAGCC, she plans to attend the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Sisi Chen, Fine Arts major, started as an ESL student from China and after two years at LAGCC, she now has 50 credits, with a 3.95 G.P.A and is a member and an officer of Phi Theta Kappa honor society. The first place winner of the 2015 American with Disabilities Act Art Competition, Sisi shared how her ePortfolio helps her see her development as a person and as an artist. She said she spends 15 hours a week with her ePortfolio curating her work. She plans to go Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and get a Bachelor’s in Jewelry design.

Michelle Yim, Childhood Education, shared how she is able to see the variety of assignments she accomplished over the semesters. She said her favorite page is her Educational Philosophy Statement since it provides her the opportunity to speak about her views as a pre-service teacher and how she can implement these when she becomes a certified teacher. The section that she had the most difficulty, she said, was her Introduction page. According to her, it was nerve- wracking to allow other people into her story and get to know who she is.

Katherine Gutierrez Rios, Business Administration, narrated how coming from Colombia in 2012, she spent her time working full-time to save money to go to college. After a while, she finally decided to enroll in LaGuardia and said this was the best decision she had ever made. She started as an ESL student, won a scholarship, and is now a member of the Student Government Association, President's Society Spring 2015, and the University Student Senate. She is also a note-taker for deaf students, an ePortfolio Scholar, DREAMers Advocate, Model Senate NYS program alumna. Katherine could not be thankful enough for the foundational support she received from the First Year Experience. She noted how working with her faculty in completing the Graduation Plan and the SWOT pages of her ePortfolio provided her with some structure in finding out what she really wanted to do, and most importantly, what she is able to.

Kiara Villegas, Criminal Justice, shared her experience as a beneficiary of the College Discovery program. She looked back at her high school years and compared these with what she is now going through as a college student. She showed her “About Me Remix” page, where she reflected on how much different college is from high school and how she continues to be grateful for the support and tutoring College Discovery provided her. She further reflected on how the College Discovery program helped her not only with her academics, but also personally. “While using E-portfolio, I have been able to discover and express my creativity,” she said.

Patricia Cadet, Dietetics, Food and Nutrition from Lehman College, participated via Skype. A Transfer Coach at Lehman College, Patricia shared her passion about the effects of genetically modified foods on animals. She wanted everyone to know about the harm genetically modified food can do to both humans and animals. Patricia also talked about how, through ePortfolios, she was able to organize her work and have all her materials available in one place. “My ePortfolio is me,” she proudly declared.

Please check our FB page for some pictures: LaGuardia Community College ePortfolio

By: Mercedes del Rosario, Ed.D.

Interprofessional Collaboration Through ePortfolio

Interprofessional Collaboration Through e-Portfolio

Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Human Services and Food and Nutrition programs conducted the very first integrative programmatic collaboration using ePortfolio at LAGCC. Employing the case study method in looking at a simulated Cardio Vascular Accident scenario, the five programs put into practice the Institute of Medicine’s tenet of multidisciplinary patient-centered care and taught their students how to provide “care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."

Using the collaborative features of ePortfolio, in particular the shared Google Docs and reflective learning, the students shared an electronic chart of a simulated patient and rendered their respective diagnosis from the perspective of each discipline. They provided comprehensive analyses and discharge summaries from the patient’s nursing admission assessment, food and nutrition needs, physical therapy and occupational therapy assessments and psychosocial status.

The students showed their work during at an end-of-the semester ePortfolio presentation attended by faculty leaders Professors Kathleen Karsten, Deborah McMillan-Coddington, Les Gallo-Silver, May Tom, Cynthia Pierce and Regina Lehman, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Brey Eynon, Assistant Dean Howard Wach, ePortfolio Director Mercedes del Rosario and ePortfolio Senior Consultant Thomas Rospigliosi. In his brief remarks after the presentation, Dean Eynon praised the five departments for their trend-setting collaboration and the contribution this pedagogical strategy can make towards a student-centered integrative learning through ePortfolios.

faculty presentation on ePortfolio

ePortfolio/CTL at the UNM Peer-Mentoring Conference

The ePortfolio Initiative, Center for Teaching and Learning, was represented at the recently concluded 7th Annual International Peer-Mentoring Conference at the University of New Mexico by ePortfolio Director, Dr. Mercedes del Rosario and CTL Associate Director, Josephine Corso.

Dr. del Rosario and Ms. Corso presented on “Developmental Network: Through ePortfolios and Peer-Mentoring,” which explored how the transformative and holistic educational models of ePortfolios and peer-mentoring are used hand-in-hand to provide LaGuardia students a means to construct and make meaning of their own learning. Their presentation discussed how peer-mentoring at LaGuardia is realized through various ways, one of which is through the ePortfolio studio hour, taught by student facilitators, called ePortfolio consultants, assisted by Student Technology Mentors (STMs).

The studio hour is an integral backbone of the ePortfolio Initiative at LaGuardia, for it is here where the actual design and development of ePortfolios is done. The process behind the development of ePortfolios and the resulting products themselves are a case study of how students can make meaning of their own learning. The learning dynamic that happens within the digital landscape of an ePortfolio provides a strong argument for how peer-mentoring and ePortfolio make transformative learning possible.

ePortfolio consultants and STMs are at the heart of the developmental network of mentors students go to not only for ePortfolio learning, but equally for support, advice or even at times, friendship. Having ‘been there, done that,’ places them at the center of the peer-relationship constellation students look for to help them navigate around the unfamiliar terrain of a college campus.

The presentation was widely attended as seen from the photos here and generated a lot of interest and questions about the ePortfolio program at LaGuardia, and how it does assessment through ePortfolios.

ePortfolio Consultant Off to Cannes Film Festival

faculty presentation on ePortfolio

ePortfolio Consultant Girard Tecson’s is screening his film “This Moment” at the prestigious and highly competitive Cannes Film Festival on May 14-May 25. Girard, a graduate of LaGuardia and currently a Media Studies major at Hunter College, teaches several ePortfolio studio hour classes and works closely with student clubs in developing their club ePortfolios. He is also actively involved in the Asian Heritage Celebration, which he often emcees.

Written and directed by Girard, o“This Moment” won the Best Picture at Hunter College 2013 Campus Movie Fest and is Girard’s take on “Groundhog Day.” Click to view the film

ePortfolio Scholar Wins Prestigious Award

Cristina Mihailescu, an ePortfolio Scholar in the Spring I 2013 semester at LaGuardia, won the Jack Kent Cooke (JKC) Undergraduate Scholar for 2014. Cristina is one of 85 community college students from across the country selected for this scholarship, which provides up to $30,000 per year for the completion of a Bachelor's degree. Cristina is LaGuardia's 3rd JKC Scholar. Cristina is a committed user of ePortfolios. She has presented her ePortfolio in the Student ePortfolio Showcase in Fall II 2012 and has talked about it in one of the break-out sessions of the Art of Advising seminar 2013-2014.

Business and Technology Department Associate Professor Rajendra Bhika, one of the faculty members who recommended Cristina to the scholarship, shares his experience in mentoring Cristina. According to him, “Whether it was about completing assignments, examinations, etc., for my course, thinking about pedagogy in her role as an API accounting tutor, developing an exemplary Capstone ePortfolio to showcase her growth, taking steps to achieve her goals, etc., Cristina has always been systematic and rational in her thinking. This single mother of two girls (ages 6 and 10), always probes deeply into situations, analyzes relevant facts, debate options, and makes informed decisions that best connects and satisfies her academic, professional, and personal goals and lives.”

In a short conversation between Cristina and ePortfolio Director Mercedes del Rosario, Cristina shared her gratitude to the faculty who have helped her win the scholarship. She also explained how the intellectual growth she experienced in creating and maintaining her ePortfolio helped her develop the discipline, disposition and higher-order thinking skills needed to win such a competitive scholarship. Please click this link to see Cristina’s ePortfolio

faculty presentation on ePortfolio

LaGuardia Community College Students Organize Fundraiser to help survivors of the typhoon that hit the Philippines

Long Island City, NY—November 25, 2013—LaGuardia Community College’s student clubs banded together to collect money for survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan that ravaged the fragile islands of the Philippines.

Students from the Philippine Union of LaGuardia Students Organization (PULSO), the People Power Movement chapter, the President’s Society, the Honors Student Advisory Committee and the ePortfolio team, along with the Office of Campus Life, Student Development, Crisis and Personal Guidance Services and the Office of International Student Services conducted a two-day fundraising campaign that collected $2,077.39. All donations will go to Doctors Without Borders.

“It was uplifting to see such across-the-board student engagement,” said Dr. Karlyn Koh, an English professor and director of the honors program, who recruited honors students.

Girard Tecson, the PULSO faculty mentor, said that as soon as the news hit the campus, the students and departments quickly mobilized and put a fundraising campaign in place. “This is what makes LaGuardia such a special place,” he said.

Mercedes del Rosario, college liaison for the CUNY-wide Philippine relief operations and ePortfolio director, also recruited the ePortfolio team to help collect donations. A Filipina herself, she expressed sincere gratitude to the LaGuardia college community for its relief effort.

During the two days, 31 student volunteers, with collection jars in hand, asked their fellow classmates and faculty to donate to this worthy cause.

Beaudlaire Jean Charles, a People Power member from Haiti, who had a collection jar filled with dollar bills, said he wanted to be a part of the campaign because he understands how a natural disaster can impact a country and its people. “Being from Haiti, and having family in the country when the earthquake struck in 2010, brings this disaster close to home,” he said. “I understand what the people of the Philippines are going through.”

“It was nice to see students and faculty who had no connection with the Philippines make a contribution,” said Princess Claveria, a Filipino student who lost a family friend. “Although students may feel that a small donation will not make a difference, it truly helps the survivors.”

Mr. Tecson said PULSO plans on organizing a benefit show off campus with other CUNY Filipino clubs.

“This is an example of the spirit of LaGuardia,” said Dr. Gail O. Mellow, president of LaGuardia. “This is a place where our students think and act globally and with the determination and passion to make our world a better place to live.”

This is the LaGuardia community’s latest relief effort. In 2010 when a powerful earthquake hit Haiti, the students held a fundraiser for the survivors. And the following year, when Japan was ravaged by a devastating earthquake and tsunami, the students again organized a college-wide fundraising campaign.

ePortfolio Team at the Student Club Fair for 2013-2014

The ePortfolio Team welcomed new and old students alike at the first-ever student club fair for Fall 2013 held on Sept 18.. The team, led by Girard Tecson, Pablo Avila, Savitri Seepersaud and Alvin Dasrat, showed students how they can create their own ePortfolios and how ePortfolios helped them succeed as LAGCC students.

One of the more active student clubs, PULSO (Philippine Union of LaGuardia Students) proudly talked about their club ePortfolio and how they use it to keep their members connected to one another, be abreast of their latest activities and how they use it for recruitment.

From the ePortfolio Team and the Center for Teaching and Learning – a warm welcome and the best of wishes to our new and returning students!

Mercedes del Rosario, Ed.D. ePortfolio Project Director

Art of Advising Faculty Seminar Completes Successful First Year

The first full-year seminar on Art of Advising was completed on May 31. Commonly referred to as the AOA seminar, it is the only seminar offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning that is open to both faculty and staff. In full and half-day interactive workshops, participants learned about the concept of advising as teaching, including “conceptual elements (student development theory and ethical concerns), informational elements (policies, facts, and information needed to advise effectively), and relational elements (rapport building and active listening)” (Vowell and Farren 2003); they also explored the use of ePortfolio for effective advisement.

Participants also developed four advising syllabi, which will be submitted to the Provost as models for implementing the realigned advising design and structure of the College. Further, they worked on an ePortfolio advising template, which could serve as a blueprint in training advisors on how to use ePortfolios for advising, with the end goal of helping students develop realistic and meaningful educational and career plans.

Photo below shows some of the participants with seminar leaders Danielle Insalaco Egan, Rajendra Bhika and Mercedes del Rosario (not in the picture, Bernetta Parson).

May 31, 2013

LaGuardia Student Delivers Keynote Presentation

LaGuardia student Amalia Rojas led off the National ePortfolio Symposium, held by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) in Atlanta.  Amalia was a featured presenter in the kick-off plenary session, along with a student from Spellman College and a student from Clemson University.

Held in annually conjunction with the AAC&U's national conference, the Symposium had hundreds of attendees and featured presentations from colleges and universities nationwide, including Michigan, Virginia Tech, Georgia, and DePaul, as well as Queensborough, LaGuardia, and Salt Lake Community Colleges. .

Born in Mexico, Amalia is a Liberal Arts student with a strong interest in theater, linguistics and bilingual education.  Her portfolio was shaped in courses taught by a range of LaGuardia faculty, including Naomi Stubbs, Jason Ramirez, Aaron Rizzeri, Maria Jerskey, and others, including our peer mentor/ePortfolio Consultants.  Amalia's summer 2012 experience at Vassar College, through LaGuardia's Exploring Transfer program, has added depth and perspective to her education. 

January 23, 2013

23 Campuses Participate in Second C2L Summer Institute

The Connect 2 Learning (C2L) project, coordinated by LaGuardia Community College's Center for Teaching and Learning, recently held its second Summer Institute. Twenty-three campuses from around the country came together for four days of activities and discussions about ePortfolio pedagogy and practice. The Institute created opportunities for cross-campus sharing, feedback, and working together to strengthen each campus ePortfolio project.

Hosted by Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, the Institute marked an important turning point for the project. The C2L leaders unveiled the fist iteration of the evolving Connect 2 Learning Model of ePortfolio Practices. The Learning Model features and connects the work that campuses are doing as they focus on student learning, working with faculty and staff, programmatic connections, and institutional needs and support for implementing ePortfolio initiatives.

During the Institute, seventy-five leaders across the participating campuses explored the resources of the new C2L Model, examined emerging and exciting evaluation results, and helped each other develop plans for the coming year. "The commitment to community and shared inquiry demonstrated across the group was inspiring," said Dr. Bret Eynon, in reflecting on the event. We want to thank all the people from LaGuardia’s Center for Teaching and Learning and Johnson & Wales University who helped make this Institute a great success!

Students Strut Their Stuff at the Spring 2012 ePortfolio Showcase

Nine LaGuardia Community College students and one Manhattanville student showcased their work and shared their learning experiences at the Spring 2012 ePortfolio Student Showcase. Representing various disciplines from Business Administration to Nursing to Fine Arts, the students’ ePortfolios spotlighted their creativity, hard work and perseverance.

ePortfolio Showcases give select students a chance to share the excellent work they have done and connect with a broader audience consisting of other students, faculty, and administrators both within and outside of the college.

Click here for the full story.