faculty presentation on ePortfolio

LaGuardia Community College is committed to assessment of authentic student work as an important part of our understanding of who our students are and what they learn at the college.

Our ePortfolio system is unique; it is a tool for both assessment tool and pedagogy. The college’s focus on competencies, combined with the reflective and expressive elements of the ePortfolio, has been shown to build student engagement and improve student outcomes.

The ePortfolio system includes a component that allows the college to collect student artifacts for assessment against programmatic and core competencies. Students enrolled in courses where the college is collecting assessment artifacts deposit their work into the ePortfolio Assessment Database.  This allows us to collect snapshots of student work in specific courses, separate from a student’s self-maintained ePortfolio.

Artifacts deposited in the ePortfolio Assessment Database are used in the college’s Periodic Program Review process and in its general education Benchmark Assessment process where groups of trained faculty members evaluate student work. Readers can evaluate student assessment artifacts on-line, scoring them using the college’s rubrics. 

For more in-depth information about assessment at the LaGuardia, please see: