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Themed Conferences Launched by AAEEBL in 2012

In response to the interests and needs of our members, AAEEBL* now features three regular yearly conferences with themes in addition to the yearly annual conference in July. These themed conferences will replace former regional conferences:

  • AAEEBL Conference on Assessment and ePortfolios -- to be offered in the southeast of the U.S. -- To be held in the fall of the year.
  • AAEEBL Conference on Career, Employability and ePortfolios -- to be offered in the west of the U.S. -- Scheduled for February 27-28 at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • AAEEBL Conference on Learning, Metacognition -- to be offered in the northeast of the U.S. -- Scheduled for March 23 at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.

AAEEBL Annual Conference 2012 Call for Proposals

The AAEEBL 2012 Program Committee invites you to submit a proposal for a session on July 17-19, 2012 in Boston, MA at the Annual Conference. This year's theme is "ePortfolios as a Catalyst for Connections: Celebrating the Curious, Creative and Capable Learner".

A Survey of the Electronic Portfolio Market Sector: Analysis and Surprising Trends

"The gold rush to accreditation management is over, and electronic portfolios now offer a range of services, support, and features that can excite those hoping for improvement in how education adopts technology."

Read more in Campus Technology:

Symposium on the First Year Experience

On Friday February 10, 2012, the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning Making Transfer Connections will be holding a Symposium on the First Year Experience. The Symposium will have three component parts:

  • The Symposium's plenary will feature a keynote presentation by a team from Virginia Tech University, which has created an award-winning FYE program, customized and adapted across the university's seven undergraduate colleges, from Architecture and Urban Studies to Engineering, Natural Resources, Business, and Liberal Arts & Human Sciences.
  • Following the Virginia Tech keynote, breakout sessions will provide an opportunity to examine FYE programs at a set of CUNY colleges, most notably a highly innovative First Year Academy program at Queensborough Community College that is attracting national acclaim.
  • In the early afternoon, a small group of key stakeholders from Academic and Student Affairs will be invited to meet directly with leaders from Virginia Tech to ask questions and consider the implications for our own strengthening our FYE program at LaGuardia.

The Symposium is sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and LaGuardia's Making Connections National Resource Center. Virginia Tech, Queensborough CC and all of the other campuses involved are partnered with LaGuardia, through Making Connections, in programs funded by FIPSE and Title V, US Department of Education. The symposium is open to LaGuardia faculty and staff, and to teams from some of our Making Connections partners.

EPAC Webchat: Exploring obstacles to learning in times of transfer and transition and how can ePortfolios help?

*Rescheduled to Tuesday, December 6, 2011
8 A.M. (PT), 11 A.M. (ET),4 P.M. (GMT), 5 p.m. (GER)

This event is free to all interested individuals although pre-registration is required:

If you cannot attend but would like to be notified when the chat
transcript of the session and other associated resources are available, please go ahead and register as well. All registrants will receive connection information as well as guiding questions to consider for this text-only session.

*_Chat Description:_*
The international ePortfolio workshop in Freiburg (Germany) on November 18/19th brought together about 50 participants from all over the world. With so many different cultures of learning and instruction gathered, it was remarkable to see quite a number of common obstacles in the effort of facilitating lifelong learning through ePortfolios. The major obstacle identified across the international participants was learning across transfer and transitions between different places of learning (e.g. college, workplace, leisure, family), educational phases (e.g. K-12, higher education, continuing education), and different modes of learning (formal vs. informal learning).

Many of the workshop participants wondered about what happens when the learners' confidence, competences and engagement may be undermined by uncertainties of an unfamiliar and/or changing environment. The Freiburg workshop participants agreed that this would be a topic worthwhile to be pondered in future international conversations and research. Feel free to join us in our next live chat on Tuesday, December 6, at 8 A.M. (PT), 11 A.M. (ET),4 P.M. (GMT), 5 p.m. (GER) to explore this issue.

This session will again be co-hosted by Dr. Gerd Bräuer who organized an international workshop on "ePortfolios in Learning and Instruction - Visions, Concepts, Experience" on November 18-19, 2011 in Freiburg (Germany) in collaboration with the University of Education Freiburg and AAEEBL. More information about the workshop can be found here:

Our first chat on November 2nd on "Checking out the practical value of the Bologna Reform through ePortfolios" was extremely well received and resulted in a very rich chat transcript which we encourage you to review. More information about this chat and its associated resources
can be found here:

Report from the ePortfolio EXPO: Wednesday October 26, 2011

At the ePortfolio EXPO, a selection of our many inspiring student ePortfolios were exhibited in twelve ePortfolio kiosks. To see pictures from the EXPO, visit our eP EXPO photo album.

The EXPO featured presentations from President Gail Mellow (keynote speaker), Vice President Michael Baston, Vice President Peter Katopes, Dr. Bret Eynon, Professor Max Rodriguez, Mr. Donovan Borington, the current Student Government Association President, and Ms. Layla Quinones, LAGCC alumna now studying at NYU.

The ePortfolio Initiative would like to thank all of LaGuardia's faculty and staff, and especially our students, for their hard work and dedication to the ePortfolio project.

As a thank you to LaGuardia students, the ePortfolio Initiative gave away an iPad, iPod shuffles and USB drives in a raffle at the ePortfolio Expo. Congratulations to the winners!

From just 300 initial users in 2002, ePortfolio at LaGuardia has grown to 55,493 users. Our work has also inspired many colleges across the country to create their own ePortfolio programs. Several portfolios from our partner campuses were also featured at the EXPO. The ePortfolio Initiative is coming up on its tenth year at LaGuardia. Now is the time for us to look back, reflect, and celebrate!

Report from the 2011 Connect to Learning Institute and ePortfolio International Summit

Two important events took place during the summer of 2011 that underscore the innovative work being done with ePortfolio and integrative pedagogies both nationally and internationally, while highlighting LaGuardia's leadership in the international ePortfolio field.

The first event was the summer institute of LaGuardia's FIPSE-funded Connect to Learning project (C2L). A national network of 23 prominent ePortfolio campuses (including Virginia Tech, BU, St. John's, Rutgers, and San Francisco State University) C2L held its summer meeting for campus teams, who shared successful practices and ideas for using ePortfolio to advance student learning. The institute was led by the LaGuardia's Making Connections National Resource Center, working with Stanford's Helen Chen and Georgetown's Associate Provost, Randy Bass.

LaGuardia's team participating in Connect to Learning - Raj Bhika, Liz Clark, Craig Kasprzak, Thomas Onorato, and Kimberly Ramirez -- played critical roles, contributing expertise and fresh ideas and learning from other campuses. LaGuardia's C2L staff (Judit Torok, Jiyeon Lee, and Mikhail Valentin) designed and supported the institute, which kicks off a year of activity on participant campuses and an intensification of the research phase of this groundbreaking project.

The second major event held in Boston was the International ePortfolio Summit, organized by the AAEEBL (the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning) and co-sponsored by AAC&U and the Making Connections Center. Offering 120 wide-ranging sessions focused on ePortfolio practice and research, the conference drew participants from 27 states and 8 different countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Among the many institutions represented were the University of London, Stanford University, MIT, the University of Michigan, the University of Freiburg, the Universidad de Puerto Rico, McCauley Honors College (CUNY), Loyola University of Chicago, Washington University of St.Louis, and the University of Queensland (Australia), as well as both Miami-Dade and the Dallas County Community College District. The conference marks an important step forward in the growth of the ePortfolio field.

LaGuardia faculty and staff led or presented at 14 of the conference's 120 sessions. Colleges who partner with LaGuardia's Making Connections Center presented an additional 38 sessions. A list of some of the sessions led by our faculty, staff and students is below.

Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning Bret Eynon writes: "Perhaps the highlight of the week for me was the presentation made by LaGuardia student Jonathan Melgar, who shared a brilliant portfolio in a presentation marked by thoughtfulness and eloquence. Originally from El Salvador and now studying to be a Spanish teacher, Jonathan's ePortfolio demonstrated the complex interplay between what he learned in courses in his major (including his capstone course taught by Ana Maria Hernandez); the skills developed in his Humanities courses in graphic arts (taught by Debra Salomon); and his evolving insight into his own goals and values. His presentation (to an audience that included educational leaders from Japan, Australia, and France) was one of the highest moments of the entire conference."

Congratulations to those who presented and to everyone at LaGuardia who contributes to our outstanding ePortfolio project. Special thanks to President Mellow, VP Katopes, Dean Arcario and all of the academic chairs for ensuring that our ePortfolio work continues to grow in depth and effectiveness. It's a privilege to be part of an institution that creates opportunities for faculty, staff and students to innovate and excel.

* Cultivating a Core Social Pedagogy. Ellen Quish, Craig Kasprzak, Raj Bhika and Thomas Onorato highlighted ways that faculty at LaGuardia are breaking new ground, shifting ePortfolio practice to embody Dewey's understanding that reflection happens most effectively in community.

*The Course Portfolio and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Michele Piso, Patricia Sokolski and Marina Dedlovskaya spotlighted the use of ePortfolio as both an evidence-gathering tool and a new mechanism for faculty to go public with their scholarship.

* The Culminating Moment. Capstone Courses & Curricular Transformation. Liz Clark, Craig Kasprzak, and Kimberly Ramirez discussed the ways that using ePortfolio in capstone experiences helps students integrate their learning and prepare for career and transfer.

* Oral Communication, Assessment & ePortfolio. Ed Goodman, Hector Fernandez, Raj Bhika and Santo Trapani documented the ways that a thoughtful academic department can use the assessment cycle to guide new innovations and advance student learning.

*ePortfolio, Transfer & the Changing Higher Education Landscape. Led by Dr. Judit Torok, this session pushed participants to confront the new structural realities of higher education, including the growing importance of community colleges and transfer students.

*Interdisciplinary Learning for Health Science Students. Clarence Chan, Phil Gimber, Deborah McMillan-Coddington and Margaret Norris, who have collaboratively developed an new interdisciplinary ePortfolio structure for our some of leading ePortfolio programs.

*The Traveling ePortfolio: Strategies from LaGuardia's Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management Program. Jim Giordano examined his capstone course and the ways students' ePortfolios demonstrated key general education and professional competencies.

*The LaGuardia ePortfolio @ 10. A panel that included Mercedes del Rosario, Liz Clark, Raj Bhika, Clarence Chan, Kimberly Ramirez and ePortfolio Consultant Mikhail Valentin analyzed the achievements and the challenges of LaGuardia's ePortfolio program as it approaches its 10th anniversary.

*Scholars of Our Own Experience. A student showcase organized by Jiyeon Lee and Mikhail Valentin featured students from LaGuardia and other Making Connections campuses.